Solving the health, wellness, and sustainable development challenges of our time

NRS Convergence Innovation™ operates on the principle that nature is an interdependent and complex system in order to benefit the entire network and not just its separate domains

What we do

We create and commercialize transformative solutions to the health, wellness and sustainable development
challenges of our time using our novel Convergence Innovation® platform. We collaborate with leading
stakeholders worldwide to enable rapid commercialization, and we embed ESG social responsibility as core
elements in all of our initiatives


Addressing global challenges in human health and wellness

Nutrition Security

Sustainable food production to improve global nutrition security


Pioneering solutions to assure long-term environmental health

Convergence Innovation™ Uniquely integrated Platform

Impact NRS is an innovations company at the forefront of science and technology. Working with leading, interdisciplinary scientists, Impact NRS deploys cutting edge precision molecular biology tools with proprietary and novel statistical prediction algorithms to create and commercialize visionary integrated solutions to critical global challenges in health, wellness and sustainable development


We create breakthrough, sustainable agriculture and food supply chains

Commercial Partnerships

Our unique convergence model drives rapid commercialization and monetization of codeveloped, protectable inventions


We utilize next-generation tools for interoperable data capture, curation, quality control, statistical classification and predictive modeling


We are committed to improving public health by transforming disease management globally with revolutionary
diagnostic and planned treatment

Impact NRS connects dots

Others compartmentalize. Impact NRS connects dots. Others see problems. Impact NRS marries new tech, new thinking, and a new cast of collaborators to create sustainable solutions that have significant positive economic, environmental and cultural impact

Global Needs

Identify and articulate global pain points


Ideate game-changing solutions

Solution Development

Develop solutions with strategic partners on our interdisciplinary innovation platform

Solution Commercialization

Deploy solutions at scale to strategic partners and other target consumers

Global Market

Positively transform everyday life around the world

NRS Platform

A unique collaborative platform of leading research and technological breakthroughs

Breakthrough, Standalone Liquid Biopsy Urine Test for Prostate Cancer

miR Scientific’s Sentinel™ Test is the only standalone, non-invasive liquid biopsy urine test that accurately detects, classifies and monitors prostate cancer at the molecular level with 95% Sensitivity and Specificity.
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We bring humanity and sustainability to the production of the world’s leading protein source

NRS Poultry Sustainability & Transformation is an innovative, science-based company that, using genome editing and breeding technologies, offers a platform of fully-integrated, complementary solutions designed to address major challenges in the poultry industry.
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Developing sustainable plant-based technology solutions to address the unmet needs of health, food production and the environment

Plantae Biosciences is a convergence of the three most innovative plant biotechnology disciplines available today - Metabolite Discovery & Pathway Design, Protein / Enzyme Predictive Design and evolution - with advanced genome-editing capabilities. By harnessing this expertise, Plantae improves technology applications to address the unmet needs of health, food production and the environment.

Optimizing microbiome populations in the rumen of livestock to improve feed conversion rate and animal wellness, while reducing harmful methane emissions

NRS RumenEra’s innovative solution-based platform uses proprietary technology to predict and improve feed efficiency as well as predict, measure, and reduce methane emissions in the meat and dairy industries through tools that examine, interpret, and optimize the molecular profile of specific microbiota communities in the rumen of animals. This optimization improves feed conversion rate and improves animal wellness while reducing harmful methane emissions.

Representative Technology Collaborations

Impact NRS harnesses, develops and commercializes the most compelling technical capabilities it conceives or identifies by working closely with strategic collaboration partners, leading researchers and centers of excellence in innovation. By aligning common core interests, NRS co-develops protectable inventions and exclusive rights to applied research with revolutionary technical potential

Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani Center

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

NIBN - The National Institue for Biotechnology in the Negev Ltd.

Institute of Animal Science, Agricultural Research Organization

Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani Center

The Chaim Sheba Medical Center

Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research

Impact NRS Leadership Team

Sam Salman

Chairman & CEO of NRS Associates and Impact NRS LLC

Eli Mor

President, Head of International

Martin Tenniswood, Ph.D.

NRS Group Chief Scientific Officer

Gregory DiRienzo, Ph.D.

Head of NRS Data Science

Tal Kimmel

Global Head, Corporate Development

Deborah I. Fine

President of Global Impact

JoEllen Welsh, Ph.D.

Head of Bioscience

Ram Salman

Chief Technology Officer & Systems Architect

Rob Francess

Global Controller

Yaarit Wainberg, Ph.D., MBA

Chief Technology and Strategic Alliances

Keren Nir

VP PR & Marcom

Avital Barlev

VP QA, Israel Operations

Eli Avraham

CFO, Israel Operations

Hila Rom

Hila Rom

VP Business Development

Amnon Katz, PhD.

Head of Clinical Operations

Dr. Ronen Shemesh, PhD.

Ronen Shemesh, PhD.

VP Scientific Innovations

Dr. Nathalie Bloch MD MPA

Nathalie Bloch MD MPA

Chief Medical Innovation Officer

Udi Dagan

Udi Dagan

Chief Operating Officer – Israel Operations

Robert F. Flippin

Vice Chairman

Eytan Meisels, Ph.D.

VP RA, Israel Operations

Advisory Team

Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni

Senior Strategic Advisor

Joel H. Levitin


Henry Weinstein

Senior Strategic Advisor

Dr. Allen Barnett


Yuval Eshdat, Ph.D.

Chairman of Scientific Advisory and Policy Board, Israel Operations

Alejandro Weinstein

Senior Strategic Advisor

Dr. Deepak A. Kapoor

Senior Strategic Advisor